Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
Where is ZapSkill located?

ZapSkill head quarters is in Hyderabad. But operate completely online. All of our classes and processes are operating online.

Are you a coaching institute or placement agency?

We are solving both sides of problems. Our ultimate goal is to get you placed in your dream company in the shortest time possible. In order to do so, we provide you with practical, up to date education which the companies need right now and also help you get placed in our partner companies.

What is the medium of teaching?

All trainings at ZapSkill are delivered in English. Along with the curriculum, we also help you develop your communication skills that help you in your placement process.

Do you provide laptop or computer to students?

No. Part of the requirements is that you need to have your own laptop or computer along with good internet connection to study and practice in the program.

What do you look for in students while selecting at ZapSkill?

We don't care about your degree or background. All we look for is how passionate and hungry you are to learn and follow the plan. The more determination and proactiveness you have, the better.

Fees FAQ
What is the upfront fee model?

In upfront fee model, you get 25% discount on total fee. Also, no risk guarantee. If we are not able to get you placed within 12 months of joining, your entire fee will be completely refunded. You can also pay the upfront fee using EMI as per your convenience.

What is pay-after-placement model?

In this model, there is no upfront fee. Your program fee payment will start after you get placed with minimum ₹4 lakh per year package. 50% of you monthly salary goes towards our fee until we cover ₹100,000 (plus GST) fee. This model is also risk-free. If we are not able to get you placed within 12 months of joining, you pay us nothing.

What's the total fee I have to pay after the placement?

The total fee of the program is ₹100,000 (GST extra) You will be paying 50% of your take-home salary towards the fee until ₹100,000 (GST extra) is covered. As soon as fee is covered, the payment stops.

What if I loose my job or salary drops below ₹4 lakh per year?

In both cases, your payments will pause. And it will resume once your salary crosses ₹4 lakh per year.

Placement FAQ
Do you really provide a placement guarantee?

We have a 12 months placement guarantee period. For next 12 months after joining, we train you, help you, support you and make sure you land a job with minimum ₹4 lakh per year package. If for any reason, we are not able to place you in the next 12 months, we don't charge anything from you.

Will I have to go and search for job on my own?

No. Once in the program, we take care of everything for you. That includes helping you create your resume, building your online profiles, training you on communication skills and even sending your resumes to our partner companies and scheduling interviews for you. You just have to follow the plan and show up and ace the interviews.

What kind of support we get during placements?

We have a dedicated placements team which takes care of everything for you. You will also be assigned a dedicated placement coach for your training and support during the placement process. For any doubt, queries, support, you can reach out to our placement coach and he will help you out with anything you need.

I struggle with communication and interviews. Will it affect my placements?

No. As long as you follow the plan we lay out for you. We understand many students struggle with communication and confidence. We will take you through trainings to help you develop your communication, confidence and interview skills before we start the actual interviews.

What if I don't get placed?

We are certain that if you follow the plan, you will get placed. If, for any reason, we are not able to place within next 12 months with minimum package of ₹4 lakh per year, we don't charge any fee from you. If you have already paid the fee, then it will be completely refunded.

Curriculum FAQ
How is your curriculum different from other institutes?

The biggest problem we have noticed in digital marketing space is that institutes are trying to teach too many things in a short time, resulting in students not mastering any specific topic in detail. While companies want experts. They want candidates who have practical and in-depth knowledge about few important topics. So, we have created our curriculum in collaboration with the companies and removed many topics which are not relevant in today's times. Also, heavy focus on practical and hands-on learning has been given. Which results in students becoming masters of important topics which the companies actually need.

Can't I just learn everything from free videos on YouTube?

Digital marketing is a vast subject. The first question you will have to figure out is what to learn? YouTube has too many generic videos on too many different topics. If you don't have a proper plan, you might end up wasting a lot of time. We, on the hands teach the topics companies actually need in today's world. Plus, there is no support in YouTube videos. There is no accountability. Here, you go through a properly designed plan which leads you to land your dream job in the shortest time which is impossible with the YouTube videos.

What's the duration of the program?

The program is 2 months of learning and practice and 1 month of placement preparation. The first 2 months, we learn, master and practice the digital marketing concepts. After the program is completed, we start the placement phase for 1 month where we create your resume, build your profiles, practice mock interviews, build communication skills and start appearing for interviews.

What's the support like if I get stuck?

You will have a dedicated success coach who will be available throughout the day to help and answer your queries. There will be daily QnA sessions for you to ask your questions. If you still feel stuck, you can even schedule a 1-1 call with your success coach to clear your doubts in a 1-1 setting. This way you will never have to wait a long time to get your doubts resolved.

What if I don't have any hands-on experience in this field?

Our program design has been done in a way that is 20% theory, 80% practicals. We teach a concept and make you execute that concept in the live class. You submit it for review and assessment. Next, you practice 10 real world case studies on that particular topic so that you can apply it in the real world. You submit those for review. Our coach will assess them and give you feedback. This way you will not only master the concepts, but become an expert in executing them. That's exactly what the companies want in their dream candidate.

Will I get a Certificate after completing the program?

Yes. You get a certificate of completion which highlights the projects completed and the number of hours spent in actual execution and practice which makes you stand out from everyone.

Admission FAQ
Who can enrol in the program?

Anyone interested in launching their career in the field of digital marketing. Check our minimum criteria for exact eligibility.

How do I enrol in the program?

You can either schedule a call with our advisor and they will guide with the entire process or you can just apply on your own. On this page, there is an option to Apply Now. It will take you to a short form where you have answer few simple questions and it will guide you through the entire process.

What's the enrolment process like?

You fill out the application form. It will take you to a short test which tests you on logical ability and communication skills. After the test is completed, our team reviews the test results and your application and you get a confirmation without the next 24 hours. If you are selected, you need to complete the simple documentation process in next 7 days. Once the documents are submitted and verified, you are ready to join the batch. Our success coach will help you with the onboarding process.

How much time does the admission process takes?

After submitting the application, you will get an email / call within next 24-48 hours. We try to close the entire admission process in 7 days.

What are reasons for not getting selected?

We just want to see that you are sincere and passionate about taking up this program. If we feel like you are not passionate or serious about putting in the work or if the application form is not filled properly it will be rejected.

What if I don't get selected?

No problem. You can apply again when the next batch starts. You can even get in touch with our team and they will guide you further.

The Only program with 
100% placement-Guarantee.

At ZapSkill, we don't just focus on teaching. Our ultimate goal is to get you placed. We will work with, train you, groom you, until you land your dream job. If for any reason, we are not able to place you in the next 12 months after joining, you don't pay anything. We succeed only when you succeed.

Still have more queries?

Call us or send us an email and our team will reach out to you within next 24 hours.