Fees & ISA

We are on a mission to change the way education is delivered in India by making it Outcome-Based, Practical and Risk-Free. 

We do this by introducing ISA (Income Sharing Agreement) which helps students study at 0 upfront fee and pay only after they get placed.

What is ISA?

Income Share agreement

ISA is a legal agreement that helps us provide quality education at 0 upfront cost. It is an agreement between student and ZapSkill that the student will pay us some part of their salary after getting placed to cover up the fee.


It is not an education loan and you don’t require any collaterals. If you do not get placed within 12 months of joining, your education is completely free

How does the ISA work?

The ISA is applicable only if you select the Pay-After-Placement plan.

Select the plan & join

ISA is only applicable if you select the pay-after-placement model. In this model, there is no upfront fee is charged. 

Sign the ISA

After enrolment, we sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA) which states that your fee will be charged only after the placements.

₹4 lakh per year

Your ISA starts only when you get a job which pays minimum ₹4 LPA. Anything less than that, you pay nothing.

ISA breakdown

You pay 50% of your salary every month until total fee of ₹100,000 (plus GST) is covered. Check the table below for more details.

12 months support

If you don't get a placement within 12 months of joining and following all the terms, your ISA automatically gets cancelled.

Less than ₹4 LPA

If, in case you lose your job or your salary drops below ₹4 LPA income, your ISA will be paused and no fee will be charged.

Understanding the Fees Structure

The ISA is applicable only if you select the Pay-After-Placement plan.

If you get placed with less than ₹4 lakh per year salary, we don't charge anything. If you get placed with more than ₹4 lakh per year salary, we charge 50% of take home salary until the total fee of ₹100,000 (plus GST) is covered.

Here's how the math works
Total Fees Payable: ₹100,000 + GST
If your salary is...
3,50,000 / year
Monthly EMI: ₹0
No. of Installments: 0
Month # Gross Salary Credited in Bank Our Share Your Share
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2 Jacob Jacob Thornton @twitter
3 Larry Larry the Bird @twitter
4 Larry Larry the Bird @twitter
5 Larry Larry the Bird @twitter
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Drop Out Clause

At ZapSkill, we want you to fully commit to the program to actually get the promised result in the shortest time.

If you find ZapSkill is not right for you, you can drop off from the course any time. The fee structure will be as below in case you decide to drop off.

Within 2 Weeks

Within 2 weeks of starting the program, there will be no penalty

Week 2-6

Between Week 2-6, a partial penalty fee will be charged

After Week 6

After 6 weeks, 100% of the ISA payment needs to be paid

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upfront fee model?

In upfront fee model, you get 25% discount on total fee. Also, no risk guarantee. If we are not able to get you placed within 12 months of joining, your entire fee will be completely refunded. You can also pay the upfront fee using EMI as per your convenience.

What is pay-after-placement model?

In this model, there is no upfront fee. Your program fee payment will start after you get placed with minimum ₹4 lakh per year package. 50% of you monthly salary goes towards our fee until we cover ₹100,000 (plus GST) fee. This model is also risk-free. If we are not able to get you placed within 12 months of joining, you pay us nothing.

What if I drop off in the middle of the program?

At ZapSkill, we are investing a lot of time and resources in training the candidates at no upfront fee. Our goal is to get you placed in the shortest time. In order to do so, we need you to commit to the program fully for these 12 weeks. That's why we have some drop off clauses in place in case you decide to leave the program in between.

If you realise that ZapSkill is not for you, can drop off without any charge or penalty within the first 2 weeks of starting of the program. If you want to drop off after Week 2, there will be some penalty charged. If you are dropping off at the end of 6 weeks, then you need to pay the complete ISA Payment.

What's the total fee I have to pay after the placement?

The total fee of the program is ₹100,000 (GST extra)  You will be paying 50% of your take-home salary towards the fee until ₹100,000 (GST extra) is covered. As soon as fee is covered, the payment stops. 

What if I loose my job or salary drops below ₹4 lakh per year?

In both cases, your payments will pause. And it will resume once your salary crosses ₹4 lakh per year.

Still have more queries?

Call us or send us an email and our team will reach out to you within next 24 hours.