Become a job-ready Digital Marketer in 8 weeks at '0' upfront fees. Pay us only if you get a job paying ₹400,000 per year or more!

Next Batch Starts - 18th July 2022
Placement Starts - 18th Oct 2022

12 Week Program

Starts - 18th July 2022

Completely Online!

Attend from anywhere

Pay After Placement

Zero upfront fee

We're changing the way Education is delivered in India

Outcome-Based. Practical. Risk-Free


Upfront Fee. Pay after placement


Placement or pay nothing

4 Lac

Per year minimum salary


Hiring partners onboard

Traditional Institutes Vs The ZapSkill (Better) way

 Financial burden 

Pay huge fee upfront

You pay a ridiculously high fee upfront without any guarantee of a job or any financial return.


 risk-free education 

ZERO upfront fee

You don't pay the fee upfront. Pay only when you get placed. Making the education completely risk-free.

 jack of all, master of none 

Learn too many things, all theory

You study too many modules with too much theory while every company wants practical, hands-on experience.



Master only what companies need

Master the curriculum co-designed with the companies and their requirements. Practice on actual live projects.


Go out and struggle for a job

You go out, start applying for jobs on your own, give one interview after another, hoping for a call back. 



Guaranteed job of min. 4 LPA

We take care of placements for you. We train you and line up interviews for you. You pay us only after getting a job.


50+ companies are waiting to hire from us

Why Digital Marketing?

According to LinkedIn, the "Digital Marketing Specialist" role is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs, with over 860,000 job openings world-wide.

  • 29,000+ active job openings on LinkedIn just in India alone
  • The digital advertising industry across India is projected to go up to 539 billion rupees by the FY 2024
  • Due to the COVID 19 pandemic & lockdowns, most brands have switched over to digital platforms to reach out to their consumers
  • With all businesses going digital, there is a huge demand for digital marketing talent but there aren't enough skilled digital marketers out there

Land your dream job with our unique pay-after-placement model

Apply For The Program

Clear the Admission Test

Learn at 0 Upfront Fee

Get Placed in the Shortest Time

Pay Only When You Earn 4 LPA

 targeted coaching + personal support 

Program Highlights

12 Weeks Program

First 8 weeks, you learn and execute the projects. Next 4 weeks, prepare and attend the interviews.

Completely Online

Attend from anywhere in the world. Missed a live session? No problem, recording is available.

Zero Prerequisites

No previous digital marketing knowledge is required. We cover everything from scratch.

Learn + Execute

Every day, there is a 2 hour training session followed by 3 hours of practicals to implement & practice.

1-1 Mentorship & Support

Dedicated coach available every day to help you even in a 1-1 setting. You can schedule a call any time.

Real World Live Projects

You will be working on actual projects of our partner companies to get the real world experience. 

Skill-Based Certifications

Apart from the final certificate of completion, you also get individual mastery certificates which makes you stand out from everyone else.

Industry Expert Lectures

Learn from actual founders and marketing heads of various companies about their industry and current trends.

20% Theory, 80% Practical

The program has been designed to have less theory and focus more on projects and execution. The more you practice, the expert you become.

 4-Step process to mastery 

Here's How You Become An Expert and Irresistible to Hire


The Curriculum

Instead of including everything under the sun and making you a generalist, our curriculum has been co-created and co-designed with our partner companies so that you actually learn what today's industry needs.

Week 1 - Building the foundations

  • Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
  • Understanding the Digital Journey from Lead to Customer
  • Organic Vs Paid Traffic sources
  • Why Product Market Fit is the most important thing in Digital Marketing
  • The 4Ps of Marketing

Week 2 - Planning the Campaign & Budget

  • Identify the marketing goal and reverse engineer for success
  • Learn to create an Irresistible Offer in any niche or industry
  • Identify the right Target Audience
  • Learn all about Marketing Funnels and selecting the right one for your goal
  • Deciding the KPIs before starting the promotions
  • Planning the campaign budget before starting the promotions

Week 3 - Pre-Launch planning

Campaign Planning

  • Finalise the audience research
  • Select the right audience targeting for promotions
  • Write ad copies that convert
  • Designing creatives to attract attention

Platform Planning

  • Setting up Facebook Ads Manager and Ad account
  • Understanding how Facebook Ads algorithm work
  • Learn the Facebook Ads hierarchy 
  • Different types of campaigns and choosing the right one as per your goal and budget

Week 4 - Launching the campaign

  • Facebook Ads Manager overview 
  • Understanding how Facebook Pixel work
  • Setting up the Facebook Pixel
  • Launching your first Ad Campaign 
  • Launching your first retargeting ad campaign 

Week 5 - Monitor and optimisation

  • Learn to setup and ready Facebook Ads Reports
  • Customise the report as per the KPIs
  • Setting up rules for Ad Optimisation
  • The daily process to monitor and maintain the ROI

Week 6 - scaling the campaign

  • Difference between Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • All about Custom Audiences and using it for scale
  • All about Lookalike Audiences and LLA strategies 
  • Master the 8 ultimate scaling strategies for any ad campaign 
  • Learn about Dynamic Re-marketing and Off-Site Re-marketing 

Week 7 - Mastering the tools

  • Mastering advanced tools which make a campaign go from a successful campaign to scaling it to the moon.
  • These tools helps not only to scale the winner marketing ads but also to automate the entire marketing process
  • You will be working on marketing tools like Socio, Reveal, Qwaya, Madgicx etc.

Week 8 - Real worLD case studies

  • In the last week of the program, you will be working on real case studies of actual companies like Neeman's, Nobero, Bata, Bewakoof etc.
  • This will not only give you in in-depth knowledge of current digital businesses but also make you proficient in executing actual campaign for these companies.
  • This is the thing which separates an experienced digital marketer with a complete fresher with on hands-on experience
  • You will be working on at least 10-15 real world case studies so that you gain ultimate confidence in your ability to not only plan but also to execute a marketing campaigns which makes you stand out from everyone else.

The Placement Drive

Once the learning curriculum is over, the next 3 weeks we focus on preparing, training and grooming you for placements and the upcoming interviews we line up for you.

Week 1 - Resume Building and online presence

  • You will be assigned a dedicated placement coach who will help you with everything you need related to placements
  • First this you will together with the coach is to create a resume
  • Next we take this resume and create your online presence

Week 2 - Soft skills and communication 

  • Next, we work on developing your communication skills as needed for the interviews
  • There will also be trainings and workshops teaching how to prepare and appear for the interviews and create a good impression
  • Even if you don't feel confident, our trainings will help in developing the skills needed to ace the interview

Week 3 - Mock interviews

  • We also conduct mock interviews for you to practice in group as well as individual session
  • The more you practice the more confident you become
  • During this process, we will also forward your resume to our partner companies and start gaining interest from the prospective hiring partners

Week 4 - Actual interviews start

  • Week 4 onwards, your only job is to attend the interviews we line up for you and give your best
  • Our placement team and the success coach will provide you with as much support as you need until you get placed

 certificate of experience 

Get Certified

Yes, you also get a certificate showing the projects completed and the practical experience gained.

  • Companies are looking for the candidates who actually have some hands-on, practical experience
  • Get a certificate of completion highlighting the practical experience gained and the projects completed
  • Showcase your expertise by sharing the certificate on social media as well as LinkedIn to stand out

  Your success is our success 

Unmatched Placement Process 

You do not pay us anything if you don't get a job of at least ₹4 lakhs a year or more. The more you succeed, the more we succeed. And so our incentives are aligned to getting you placed in top digital marketing roles.

Dedicated Placement Coach

You will be assigned a dedicated placement coach who will be guiding you and helping you until you get placed. You can reach out any time.

Resume Building

The 1st step after course completion will be to build out your resume. Your dedicated coach will help you create a resume which makes you stand out.

Communication Skills

Next, we will work on building the communication and soft skills so that we are ready to ace any interview with confidence.

Mock Interviews

Your career coach will not only conduct the mock interviews for practice but also give you feedback and suggestions to ace the interview.

50+ Hiring Partners

Once you are ready, we will forward your resume and portfolio to our network of partners companies and start scheduling interviews for you. 

Ongoing Support

From the day you join to the day you get placed, our will team will be there to help, support and guide you in anything you need. 

Minimum Criteria

You should meet the following requirements to be eligible for this course.

  • Qualification - Graduate with any degree, Ready To Take a Job Immediately After Course Finishes
  • Age - Min. 18 years, Max. 30 years
  • Communication Skills - Basic English - speaking, reading and writing 
  • Hardware - A laptop or PC with uninterrupted internet connection


Upfront Fee. Pay after placement


Placement guarantee or pay nothing

4 Lac

Per year minimum salary


Hiring partners onboard

Our Bold Promise

Our mission is to change the way education is delivered in India by making it completely risk-free, practical and outcome-based.

We succeed only when you succeed!

  10+ Years of Hands-on experience 

Meet Your Instructors

Mubaid Syed

Growth Hacking Expert

Ex-founder, LazyNinja

Satish Bala

Business Development Expert

Co-founder, Nobero

Karthik Venkat

PPC Ads Specialist

Co-founder, Nobero


Years of hands-on digital marketing experience 


Students trained in Online Marketing


Successful startups built

100 Cr+

Revenue generated using paid ads in own startups

 Choose your plan 

Program Fee

We want to make the education in India outcome-based and accessible to all. Instead of charging a huge fee upfront, we have designed 2 payment plans for you to choose from based on your preference.

The Only program with no-risk, 
100% placement-Guarantee!

At ZapSkill, we don't just focus on teaching. Our ultimate goal is to get you placed. We will work with, train you, groom you, until you land your dream job. If for any reason, we are not able to place you in the next 12 months after joining, you don't pay anything. We succeed only when you succeed.

Admission Process

We accept limited seats for each batch so that we can give personal attention to each candidate. Here's a quick overview of our admission process:

  •  Step 1 - Apply for the Program
  •  Step 2 - Clear the Admission Test
  •  Step 3 - Complete the Documentation
  •  Step 4 - You are Enrolled in the Batch
Admissions FAQ

Who can enrol in the program?

Anyone interested in launching their career in the field of digital marketing. Check our minimum criteria for exact eligibility.

How do I enrol in the program?

You can either schedule a call with our advisor and they will guide with the entire process or you can just apply on your own. On this page, there is an option to Apply Now. It will take you to a short form where you have answer few simple questions and it will guide you through the entire process.

What's the enrolment process like?

You fill out the application form. It will take you to a short test which tests you on logical ability and communication skills. After the test is completed, our team reviews the test results and your application and you get a confirmation without the next 24 hours. If you are selected, you need to complete the simple documentation process in next 7 days. Once the documents are submitted and verified, you are ready to join the batch. Our success coach will help you with the onboarding process.

How much time does the admission process takes?

After submitting the application, you will get an email / call within next 24-48 hours. We try to close the entire admission process in 7 days.

What are reasons for not getting selected?

We just want to see that you are sincere and passionate about taking up this program. If we feel like you are not passionate or serious about putting in the work or if the application form is not filled properly it will be rejected.

What if I don't get selected?

No problem. You can apply again when the next batch starts. You can even get in touch with our team and they will guide you further.

Curriculum FAQ

How is your curriculum different from other institutes?

The biggest problem we have noticed in digital marketing space is that institutes are trying to teach too many things in a short time, resulting in students not mastering any specific topic in detail. While companies want experts. They want candidates who have practical and in-depth knowledge about few important topics. So, we have created our curriculum in collaboration with the companies and removed many topics which are not relevant in today's times. Also, heavy focus on practical and hands-on learning has been given. Which results in students becoming masters of important topics which the companies actually need.

Can't I just learn everything from free videos on YouTube?

Digital marketing is a vast subject. The first question you will have to figure out is what to learn? YouTube has too many generic videos on too many different topics. If you don't have a proper plan, you might end up wasting a lot of time. We, on the hands teach the topics companies actually need in today's world. Plus, there is no support in YouTube videos. There is no accountability. Here, you go through a properly designed plan which leads you to land your dream job in the shortest time which is impossible with the YouTube videos.

What's the duration of the program?

The program is 2 months of learning and practice and 1 month of placement preparation. The first 2 months, we learn, master and practice the digital marketing concepts. After the program is completed, we start the placement phase for 1 month where we create your resume, build your profiles, practice mock interviews, build communication skills and start appearing for interviews.

What's the support like if I get stuck?

You will have a dedicated success coach who will be available throughout the day to help and answer your queries. There will be daily QnA sessions for you to ask your questions. If you still feel stuck, you can even schedule a 1-1 call with your success coach to clear your doubts in a 1-1 setting. This way you will never have to wait a long time to get your doubts resolved.

Most companies are want experienced candidates. How do you tackle us?

Our program design has been done in a way that is 20% theory, 80% practicals. We teach a concept and make you execute that concept in the live class. You submit it for review and assessment. Next, you practice 10 real world case studies on that particular topic so that you can apply it in the real world. You submit those for review. Our coach will assess them and give you feedback. This way you will not only master the concepts, but become an expert in executing them. That's exactly what the companies want in their dream candidate. 

Will I get a Certificate after completing the program?

Yes. You get a certificate of completion which highlights the projects completed and the number of hours spent in actual execution and practice which makes you stand out from everyone.

Placement FAQ

Do you really provide a placement guarantee?

We have a 12 months placement guarantee period. For next 12 months after joining, we train you, help you, support you and make sure you land a job with minimum ₹4 lakh per year package. If for any reason, we are not able to place you in the next 12 months, we don't charge anything from you.

Will I have to go and search for job on my own?

No. Once in the program, we take care of everything for you. That includes helping you create your resume, building your online profiles, training you on communication skills and even sending your resumes to our partner companies and scheduling interviews for you. You just have to follow the plan and show up and ace the interviews.

What kind of support we get during placements?

We have a dedicated placements team which takes care of everything for you. You will also be assigned a dedicated placement coach for your training and support during the placement process. For any doubt, queries, support, you can reach out to our placement coach and he will help you out with anything you need.

I struggle with communication and interviews. Will it affect my placements?

No. As long as you follow the plan we lay out for you. We understand many students struggle with communication and confidence. We will take you through trainings to help you develop your communication, confidence and interview skills before we start the actual interviews.

What if I don't get placed?

We are certain that if you follow the plan, you will get placed. If, for any reason, we are not able to place within next 12 months with minimum package of ₹4 lakh per year, we don't charge any fee from you. If you have already paid the fee, then it will be completely refunded.

Fees FAQ

What is the upfront fee model?

In upfront fee model, you get 25% discount on total fee. Also, no risk guarantee. If we are not able to get you placed within 12 months of joining, your entire fee will be completely refunded. You can also pay the upfront fee using EMI as per your convenience.

What is pay-after-placement model?

In this model, there is no upfront fee. Your program fee payment will start after you get placed with minimum ₹4 lakh per year package. 50% of you monthly salary goes towards our fee until we cover ₹100,000 (plus GST) fee. This model is also risk-free. If we are not able to get you placed within 12 months of joining, you pay us nothing.

Is there any other hidden fee or registration fee?

No. There is no other fee apart from what has been mentioned in the fee structure.

What's the total fee I have to pay after the placement?

The total fee of the program is ₹100,000 (GST extra)  You will be paying 50% of your take-home salary towards the fee until ₹100,000 (GST extra) is covered. As soon as fee is covered, the payment stops. 

What if I loose my job or salary drops below ₹4 lakh per year?

In both cases, your payments will pause. And it will resume once your salary crosses ₹4 lakh per year.

Still have more queries?

Call us or send us an email and our team will reach out to you within next 24 hours.